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Your Website: Get personal or get ignored

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I am looking for a product or service like the one you sell. I have talked to a couple of my LinkedIn buddies, and I have a short list.

You're on it.

I come to your website. I already know pretty much what you sell, and I know what my buddies think of you.

Before I dig deeper, I want to know who you are.

Top 5 Cyber Biz Mistakes

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We've all been doing business on the web for more than ten years now. We all consider ourselves experts.

And yet, I still see the majority of business people making these really stupid mistakes. These mistakes are a drag on business - and your revenue. They're small things, seemingly, and simple. But they make all the difference in the daily interactions between you, the seller, and your buyers.

The Top Five Cyber Biz Mistakes

Yes, but WHO ARE YOU?

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I'm thinking of buying your product or service. It's a fairly serious decision, and I'm weighing a bunch of tradeoffs. One of my questions, given that I will be trusting you with parts of my life that matter to me, is, Who are you?

As I visit websites that came up in my Google search, after I see that you make what I want, I click on the ABOUT section and look for the Management page.

What do I get?

Two Secrets to writing copy for today's customers

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Marketing copy really is dead. There, I've said it.

That stiff, professional, say-nothing copy used to be all customers had to choose from when they were trying to get answers about a product they were thinking of buying. Now, they can zip past all that marketing fluff and go right to the reviews, or they can post a question in one of their discussion groups and get first-hand, unbiased information from people who have already had experience with the product. They don't need that marketing copy anymore.

Marketers still need to write copy for customers, though, so what's the answer?

How are your landing pages and blogger pitches?

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Two great studies surfaced this week that will really help you target bloggers more effectively and improve your landing pages.

TechCrunch: 2010 State of the Blogosphere

Talks about how bloggers drive traffic to blogs (mostly Facebook and Twitter, not surprisingly, with LinkedIn being a distant third).


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