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Your company's secret life

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You are the head honcho at your company. You stay awake at night struggling with unsolved problems. You go into work every day and focus on solving them. Your life consists of finding and solving those problems.

You think you know more than anyone in the world about your company. You're right - no single individual knows more than you. But there is critical information that you don't know, information that is sucking the life blood out of your company's potential for growth. Information that, if you knew it, faced it, and dealt with it, you could remove those stubborn barriers to the sale and start your revenues flowing in new ways and at new rates.

Why you need a datamaster

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The people you hire can make a big difference to your revenue growth. That's why I help CEOs find and hire the best people for each position. I've been building a marketing and sales team for one of my clients for the past few years. The people we have found are making a difference. The company's revenues are way up. The marketing and selling efforts are bearing fruit.

What your web logs won't tell you

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When you use your web tracking tool to identify the search terms that people type in before coming to your website, what you're seeing are the words that finally got them there. What you aren't seeing are the words they typed in first, at the beginning of their search.

People who are searching for your product or solution start out by typing the phrase that makes the most sense to them. Then, as they see the first set of results, they learn that their logical search term isn't producing the results they needed. They add a word or change a word, and try again. This learn-and-refine process leads to relevant result...and (hopefully) to your site.

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