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Voice of the Customer research that actually convinces the CEO to do the right thing

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As a revenue coach, I do not consider my work successful until sales start going up. And sales will not go up until the CEO and other top managers make the mental shift from company-centered to customer-centric. 

Traditional methods of customer research do not flip that switch. I know, because I’ve seen them all fail: focus groups, online surveys, email surveys, and so on. 

What does your "social footprint" say about you?

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Before someone decides to hire you or buy something from you, one of the criteria they use to evaluate you is your social footprint. They consider three things: Volume, quality, and credibility. 


  • How many followers you have
  • How many social channels you participate in


  • How helpful your tweets or posts are
  • How original, insightful, and non-promotional your tweets are


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Are your customers using social media to warn others to stay away?

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I needed new software for my smartphone, so I could conduct customer interviews and record them when I’m not sitting at my computer and using my Skype recording setup. I had several non-negotiable requirements. 

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Social media, email, and the stench of over-saturation

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My inbox is so full of "fake friends" these days that I use a web-based mail portal to delete their messages - and all the other messages I don't want - before I download my mail to Outlook throughout the day.

You can tell by the subject line that it's not a real friend. My real friends would never put "Mrs." in their email address, and they would certainly not say, "For Your Kind Attention," nor would they say, "Your" when they meant to say "You're" as in, "Your going to love this!"

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Social Media: B2B and B2C are NOT the same

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A world-famous marketing guru was giving a webinar recently. In answer to a question someone asked at the end, the guru said, "There really isn't any difference between B2B and B2C."

I cringed.

Because there IS a difference if you're trying to sell something. And isn't that what all this marketing and selling stuff is supposed to be about?

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