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It's the bloggers, baby!

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One of the most important skills of a marketing strategist is to know "where the heat is." What matters now? Who matters now?

One of the things that matters now is your buyers, trying to get relevant, useful answers in a sea of irrelevant, self-serving blather. Anyone can publish a blog and post a video. Almost everyone does. Every company has a website. Publishing companies that used to have a monopoly, those large lumbering newspapers, magazines, and networks, are now surrounded by swarms of publishing gnats. The giants are dying, one gnat bite at a time.

Extra! Extra! Informed Guides close more sales

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No matter what you're selling, but especially if you're selling something technical or complex, you can't assume that "the way we've always done it" will work for you now. "The way we've always done it" usually means that the salespeople have minimal training, and are set loose on customers.

Big Mistake. It was a smaller mistake back when salespeople could be "order takers," (I think that phrase was last heard sometime in 2007), but it's a catastrophic mistake now. Why? Because buyers have changed their behavior. Companies that adapted to those changes are doing OK. Those who haven't are slipping, fast.

Gone! The reason customers leave

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It's hard enough to get customers. In tight times, the last thing you want to do, after you've gotten a customer, is to lose them. Not a good idea. But, it happens all the time to lots of companies. Why?

One reason. Yes, that's what I said: ONE reason. In every situation, for every type of product or service, in all the thousands of customer interviews I've conducted, it's obvious that there is really only one reason why customers leave. The reason:

"You stopped caring about me."

In other words:

Staying in their comfort zone

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People buy when they're comfortable that they're making the right decision. If they're uncomfortable, they don't buy. This is especially true when money is tight or people are fearful. Their comfort zone - and how well you stay within it - will determine if you make a sale, or not.

Let's look at what will kick you out of their comfort zone - and how you can stay inside.


1) Lies. If you say something that simply isn't true, or conflicts with their personal experience, they will decide they cannot trust you. You're out.




No matter what, no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable it makes YOU, tell them exactly what is true.

Revenue and your character: The high price of self-indulgence

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As consumers, we are encouraged to enjoy life, relax, have fun, hang out with our buddies and laugh, drink, eat, travel, be entertained, look for ways to make things easier, more efficient, faster and more cool. As marketers and salespeople, we make claims that our products and services will help people do these things.

Given that the average consumer is exposed to thousands of these messages a week, consumers are immersed in an endless sea of messages encouraging them to "do your thing," "just do it," and do "whatever turns you on." There's also an overriding theme, that you are really, really important, that it's all about "you."


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