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MarketingSherpa and MarketingProfs Keynotes coming up

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Keynotes coming up - hope to see you there!

MarketingSherpa B2B Summit




MarketingSherpa B2B Summit Boston



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My book's out - here's what's in it for you

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Well, Dear Readers, my new book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy, is finally out there - in print and in ebook form, available everywhere (including Amazon, of course).

I wanted you to know what the book contains and what it can do for you.

Not like all the others

Time for us Doers to stand up and fight

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Oh, poor, poor us. We are in such a state. Everywhere we turn, we see evidence of decline. We are subjected to a steady diet of discouragement, every waking hour. Here in the States, we are told that our economic heyday is over, that we are in a terrible mess, that our debt is currently 90% of our GDP, which is obviously unsustainable. That the world is in turmoil, and on and on and on.

Growth: Go for it

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Revenue Journal business growth how to grow your businessI'm giving a webinar for Ryma Technology Solutions on November 3rd called "The Secret to Revenue Growth and Career Advancement." Ryma makes software that helps product managers managing product development. On their GrandView community site, they're asking this question:

"What mode is your company in today?"

The Great Marketing and Selling Crisis of 2010 - and how to escape it

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We are smack dab in the middle of a terrible dilemma. The entire marketing and selling world is "betwixt and between." Traditional marketing and selling methods are not working the way they used to, and social media is not the end-all answer, either. In spite of the hype level and some people who are actually making it work, it's just a hint at the answer. But it isn't THE answer.

There is an answer, fortunately, but first let's look at the crisis itself.

This is a serious crisis because it's a perfect storm; five forces coming together at once, each powerful on its own.


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