How to make money during a recession

Bad Habits + Bad Economy = Bye-bye Business

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When the economy looks like it does below, both consumers and company managers take much more care with their buying decisions. They buy less, they spend less, and they buy less often.

When the economy is strong,
companies and consumers spend more easily. We know this. They don't put off buying, they just buy. They finish buying one thing and move on to the next. There is a natural momentum and flow to the marketplace. Not only are people searching more often for what they want - when they find it, they are more likely to buy it.

Time for us Doers to stand up and fight

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Oh, poor, poor us. We are in such a state. Everywhere we turn, we see evidence of decline. We are subjected to a steady diet of discouragement, every waking hour. Here in the States, we are told that our economic heyday is over, that we are in a terrible mess, that our debt is currently 90% of our GDP, which is obviously unsustainable. That the world is in turmoil, and on and on and on.

Want to sell more? Shut up!

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This article was halfway finished, with the title you see above, when I got an email with this subject line: "If you want to sell better, just shut up!"

Whoa, I thought. Readers often send me emails with the article title as the subject line. But this article hadn't yet left my computer! What was going on?

Are you in your customer's Confidence Zone?

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Two business owners are vying for the same client. Both are working hard, busy exchanging emails with the client, doing their homework, trying to make sure they make the best possible impression. A lot of money is on the line, and getting this project will secure their financial situation for the next year or two.

But something just happened that changes everything. The client, who knows perfectly well he is being wooed by these two different people, has just sent an email to Suitor #2 that he got from Suitor #1. He is asking Suitor #2 to comment on the email from Suitor #1.

Who gets work

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I'm in a country at the moment where there is a very large divide between "the rich" and "the poor." The unemployment rate is estimated to be at 40%. Yet, in many areas, the malls are packed, and hotel suites in the city near the water go for $1500 a night. [Note to readers - after getting quite a bit of response on this point - I am NOT talking about the United States. I'm about 8,000 miles from the U.S. at the moment. - kz]


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