How to be a better salesperson

How to Start Selling More - Now

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Right now, someone is coming to your website or contacting one of your salespeople, already convinced that they need something similar to what you're selling, but not sure if they should buy it from you. They have questions.

They look for the answers to those questions on your website, or ask your salesperson. But they don't find the answers, or your attempts to answer those questions don't satisfy them. They walk away empty-handed.

The biggest lie in business

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Share: The Biggest Lie When you read the latest books about how people buy, you find that they all tend to have the same fatal flaw. In each book, even though the authors are describing today's savvy customer, the salesperson is still portrayed as having more knowledge than the customer. He is described as the main player who acts as a guide to the customer's buying process - as if the customer were ignorant and needed the salesperson's help.

This is completely untrue. Now more than ever.

Why I HATE Sales Scripts

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Sales ScriptsTwo people. On the phone, having a conversation. That's what people use phones for - to have conversations.

What happens in a conversation? One person says something. The other person listens, understands (or asks a question to make sure he understands), then responds appropriately.

The conversation moves from point A to point B because BOTH people are talking - and listening.

Now let's apply this to sales calls.

Yes, it is possible for a salesperson to have a conversation with a potential customer. But only if the salesperson:

Want to sell more? Shut up!

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This article was halfway finished, with the title you see above, when I got an email with this subject line: "If you want to sell better, just shut up!"

Whoa, I thought. Readers often send me emails with the article title as the subject line. But this article hadn't yet left my computer! What was going on?

Are you in your customer's Confidence Zone?

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Two business owners are vying for the same client. Both are working hard, busy exchanging emails with the client, doing their homework, trying to make sure they make the best possible impression. A lot of money is on the line, and getting this project will secure their financial situation for the next year or two.

But something just happened that changes everything. The client, who knows perfectly well he is being wooed by these two different people, has just sent an email to Suitor #2 that he got from Suitor #1. He is asking Suitor #2 to comment on the email from Suitor #1.


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