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How Customers Want to Be Contacted: Debunking Common Marketing Myths - Part 3 of 4

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The majority of CEOs and entrepreneurs still think that yesterday’s aggressive, cold-calling, hard-sell methods are still working. The truth is, using these tactics is more likely to irritate and repel your customer than to make them want to buy from you. How do customers want to be contacted? We answer this question in Part 3 of our 4-part series debunking common marketing and selling myths.

Why I Don't Work With Jerks

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Jerks are people who decided, early in life, that they were going to be jerks. It was their way of trying to come out on top. It didn't matter whose face they had to stand on, on the way up.

With jerks, it is always "me" against "them." Every interaction is a battle. If they want something, they try to figure out how to get it by manipulating, lying, and cheating.

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Bad guy companies making it tougher for good guy companies

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Buyers are literally bombarded, every day, with messages from sellers that sound wonderful but are absolutely, positively, designed to cheat them.

As buyers, not one of us has escaped the onslaught. We are being swarmed by this kind of deception. Deception is at historically high levels because the bad guys have more ways than ever to invade our personal and commercial spaces with their lies.

Marketing advice for the technical entrepreneur

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Most of my clients are - and always have been - technical entrepreneurs. Yes, I've done a lot of work for Fortune 500 companies, and companies in the health, travel and retail industries.

But my passion is helping the technologist who has started a company, created a decent product, and now needs to get to the next stage in his growth - whatever that might be. He's gotten as far as he can using the methods he's been using.

Personal peace - and profit

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Today, there is a sense of things changing so radically that nothing will ever be the same. People believe we are in the midst of a big change, to the point where some are even preparing for an "escape," should one be needed.

I'm not talking about fringe survivalists. I'm talking about the types of people I work with every day: CEOs and entrepreneurs. People who run successful companies, people with employees and families and mortgages.

They are, in a word, decidedly unpeaceful right now. They are concerned, fearful, hesitant. They're still running their businesses, but at the same time, constantly looking over their shoulders or out to the horizon, trying to figure out what is going to happen next.


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