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Bad Habits + Bad Economy = Bye-bye Business

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When the economy looks like it does below, both consumers and company managers take much more care with their buying decisions. They buy less, they spend less, and they buy less often.

When the economy is strong,
companies and consumers spend more easily. We know this. They don't put off buying, they just buy. They finish buying one thing and move on to the next. There is a natural momentum and flow to the marketplace. Not only are people searching more often for what they want - when they find it, they are more likely to buy it.

Personal productivity - three lists that will change your life

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All of us struggle to get our to-do list done every day. And we all know that we should be spending more time on the "important" than the "urgent." Not to mention being plagued by distractions, swarming around us like gnats in a swamp.

Yep. Got it. But finding a solution isn't so easy.

I recently tried out a new method that is really making a difference in my own life. As usual, if I discover that something works, I'm eager to share it with you.

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Efficiency is the new gold

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Revenue Journal EfficiencyWhat makes your business special? It doesn't matter if you are one person working out of your house or a company with thousands of employees. If you are the most efficient at what you do, you're golden.

Efficiency is a big concept. That label belongs on a lot of good things. If you are efficient, you:

Forces of nature

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One part of life often teaches us lessons that we can use in other parts of life. Recently I watched as a crew of guys tried to wrestle with a very large runaway schooner, being pushed by 50-mile-an-hour gusts into the other boats in the harbor. The strong winds had caught the bow, so that instead of just backing nicely out of her slip and going out to sea as her skipper intended, the large wooden bowsprit (the part that sticks out beyond the bow) was blown into neighboring boats and was literally ripping them apart. The engine just didn't have enough power to overcome the forces of nature.

After scraping along two boats, and getting stuck up against some mid-channel pilings, the crew decided to give up and take her back to her dock. This was not her day to go out to sea.


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