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Growth: Go for it

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Revenue Journal business growth how to grow your businessI'm giving a webinar for Ryma Technology Solutions on November 3rd called "The Secret to Revenue Growth and Career Advancement." Ryma makes software that helps product managers managing product development. On their GrandView community site, they're asking this question:

"What mode is your company in today?"

The Great Marketing and Selling Crisis of 2010 - and how to escape it

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We are smack dab in the middle of a terrible dilemma. The entire marketing and selling world is "betwixt and between." Traditional marketing and selling methods are not working the way they used to, and social media is not the end-all answer, either. In spite of the hype level and some people who are actually making it work, it's just a hint at the answer. But it isn't THE answer.

There is an answer, fortunately, but first let's look at the crisis itself.

This is a serious crisis because it's a perfect storm; five forces coming together at once, each powerful on its own.

Personal peace - and profit

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Today, there is a sense of things changing so radically that nothing will ever be the same. People believe we are in the midst of a big change, to the point where some are even preparing for an "escape," should one be needed.

I'm not talking about fringe survivalists. I'm talking about the types of people I work with every day: CEOs and entrepreneurs. People who run successful companies, people with employees and families and mortgages.

They are, in a word, decidedly unpeaceful right now. They are concerned, fearful, hesitant. They're still running their businesses, but at the same time, constantly looking over their shoulders or out to the horizon, trying to figure out what is going to happen next.

What now? "Wow!"

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The economic news is in full tailspin mode. Cash is tight. It’s harder to find a job than it was, although employers are still hiring. Retirement savings are shrinking, spoiling the plans many had for their use. The pundits are even starting to utter the "D" word. Politicians and the media are telling us it's terrible, and it's going to get worse.

What now?

Now it gets really, really fascinating.

Serious business versus the "BS Quotient"

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My husband was watching an "instructional" video, online, showing a sales guy for a marine rope company. The sales guy was supposedly showing how to make a particular splice in one of the ropes that his company sells.

A splice, for those not familiar, is the joining of two pieces of rope by interweaving the strands from one rope with the strands of another, so the two ropes are joined. For example, you can create a loop at the end of a rope by splicing the end of the rope back into itself. Splices are important. If they fail, you can lose your boat. The splice has to be right. No BS allowed.


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