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My book's out - here's what's in it for you

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Well, Dear Readers, my new book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy, is finally out there - in print and in ebook form, available everywhere (including Amazon, of course).

I wanted you to know what the book contains and what it can do for you.

Not like all the others

Time for us Doers to stand up and fight

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Oh, poor, poor us. We are in such a state. Everywhere we turn, we see evidence of decline. We are subjected to a steady diet of discouragement, every waking hour. Here in the States, we are told that our economic heyday is over, that we are in a terrible mess, that our debt is currently 90% of our GDP, which is obviously unsustainable. That the world is in turmoil, and on and on and on.

The Ten Golden Rules of Managing Via Email

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The Revenue Journal post on the worst mistake you can make as you manage via email (not responding) hit a nerve - not only with the people who recognized themselves as the non-responders, but with the people who work for non-responders.

So I checked with some readers and asked if I should be writing the definitive guide to managing via email. Obviously, their answer was yes. Very few managers have mastered it, and a lot of employees are suffering due to the mismanagement.

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The worst mistake you can make when managing via email

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Take away email, and everything would stop. We'd then have to revert to stone-age methods such as phones and faxes. Almost all work instructions, discussions, and decisions occur via email.

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Efficiency is the new gold

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Revenue Journal EfficiencyWhat makes your business special? It doesn't matter if you are one person working out of your house or a company with thousands of employees. If you are the most efficient at what you do, you're golden.

Efficiency is a big concept. That label belongs on a lot of good things. If you are efficient, you:


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