The salesperson's first test: Making an appointment via email

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We all use email to agree on a meeting time. Unfortunately it's terribly inefficient, especially when it’s done incorrectly. A salesperson who is sloppy about it will drive the new, potential client nuts and make the client wonder if she really wants to do business with the salesperson. It is the salesperson’s first test. You'll want to pass it.

Here's an example of good form:


Running business on email: The mighty subject line

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Email has become the message medium of our age. Just as we learned how to address and stamp an envelope, just as we learned how to fill out a FedEx form, we are now - still - learning how to use email effectively to run our businesses, and to buy and sell products and services.

I'm not going to spend a lot of time this week talking about how frustrating it is when someone doesn't do what I'm about to recommend. Suffice it to say that stream-of-consciousness, flaky subject lines don't help you manage your business or increase your revenues.

Looking for higher revenues this year? Pay attention to your projects and processes

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Your brand is the promise that you keep, not the one you make. This is my take on branding, which I first wrote in 1994 to help CEOs and entrepreneurs understand that they have direct control over their brand, using the five promise-keeping tools at their disposal: people, products, policies, projects, and processes.

When I work with CEOs and entrepreneurs, I find that their products are usually competitive. Their people are usually intelligent, hard-working, and well-intentioned. Their policies are usually OK - assuming the head of the company is not a jerk.

How do I RSS?

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If you'd like the Revenue Journal delivered automatically to you - thus saving you the "mental overhead" of visiting yet another bookmark or favorite - you'll want to use an RSS feed. Those of you who are old hands at RSS can skip this post. This is for the people who have been sending me emails saying, "Love the do I subscribe?"

What's an RSS feed?

Actually, the word "feed" is a bit of a misnomer. We don't actually push anything out to you, like an email. Instead, we format each issue of the Revenue Journal post so that it can be retrieved by an RSS reader.

What kind of RSS reader do I need?

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