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My book's out - here's what's in it for you

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Well, Dear Readers, my new book, Roadmap to Revenue: How to Sell the Way Your Customers Want to Buy, is finally out there - in print and in ebook form, available everywhere (including Amazon, of course).

I wanted you to know what the book contains and what it can do for you.

Not like all the others

Time for us Doers to stand up and fight

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Oh, poor, poor us. We are in such a state. Everywhere we turn, we see evidence of decline. We are subjected to a steady diet of discouragement, every waking hour. Here in the States, we are told that our economic heyday is over, that we are in a terrible mess, that our debt is currently 90% of our GDP, which is obviously unsustainable. That the world is in turmoil, and on and on and on.

Growth: Go for it

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Revenue Journal business growth how to grow your businessI'm giving a webinar for Ryma Technology Solutions on November 3rd called "The Secret to Revenue Growth and Career Advancement." Ryma makes software that helps product managers managing product development. On their GrandView community site, they're asking this question:

"What mode is your company in today?"

How well do you stack up against the three revenue success factors?

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Most CEOs assume they have firm control of their company's success. They make decisions all day long, and believe that what they are deciding is driving their revenue. But they're missing something. In my experience, their control is more in the 50% range - because they not focusing on the three revenue success factors.

What are the success factors? And, as a CEO, how can you get them under your control?

Success Factor #1: Your website actually makes it easy for customers to buy.

The Art of Liftoff

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There's a point in a successful business where you shift into liftoff mode. Looking back, you can tell where it started, but it's tough to identify when you're in the middle of it.

If you're just starting out, or if you know you haven't lifted off yet, take heart. No matter how hard you're struggling now, you can get to the liftoff stage, and continue to climb.

To stay within our flight analogy, the first thing you have to figure out is where your customers want to go. You already have some idea of where you think they want to go, and you already may be trying to take them there.


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