Ethical selling

Bad guy companies making it tougher for good guy companies

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Buyers are literally bombarded, every day, with messages from sellers that sound wonderful but are absolutely, positively, designed to cheat them.

As buyers, not one of us has escaped the onslaught. We are being swarmed by this kind of deception. Deception is at historically high levels because the bad guys have more ways than ever to invade our personal and commercial spaces with their lies.

Time to start taking care of each other

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Yes, 'tis the season - a season I dearly love. And this article is definitely related. It's actually about what really matters, in business. Your business. My business. Everybody's business.

See, I love business. The more I'm in business, the more I'm in love with business. I love what businesses do for people.

Is "selling" obsolete?

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Back when most people lived on farms, there were "snake oil salesmen," who came around to tell residents, one by one, about a cure-all elixir. The salesperson had to be very convincing, and sell as many people as possible in a short time, because the stuff didn't actually work. He had to be in the next town before the people in the previous town discovered the truth.

Fast forward to when people moved to the cities. Buyers saw ads, and then used any means they could to determine if a product was right for them. They would visit a store, call a salesperson, get a brochure, read an article in a "consumer reports" magazine, and so on. The salesperson, and the company's ability to get covered by the press, played a large role in the completion of the sale.

Those shining eyes

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Labor Day weekend. A great time to ponder the bigger picture, to think about what really matters. All of this came home to me in a new way, watching a video. It's twenty minutes long, so you'll probably want to watch it at home.

The part we're going to focus on comes fifteen minutes into the video. But, if you fast forward, you will miss seeing an example of a great teacher. Since a big part of successful management is teaching, the 15 minutes are well-spent. But enough about the video...take a look.

Salesmen talking: The 7 worst mistakes

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All day long, salespeople talk.

They're supposed to be selling. In other words, they are supposed to be making it easy for customers to understand what they have to offer, to get their questions answered, and to make a buying decision.


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