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How Customers Want to Be Treated: Debunking Common Marketing Myths - Part 4 of 4

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CEOs and entrepreneurs tend to pay very little attention to the customer’s experience, as I mentioned in a recent article about Steve Jobs. They focus on product development, managing the people, business relationships, regulations, financials, and marketing. And yet, it is the customer’s experience that causes customers to recommend a company or warn others to stay away. It is the biggest sales driver or sales deterrent associated with the company.

Voice of the Customer research that actually convinces the CEO to do the right thing

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As a revenue coach, I do not consider my work successful until sales start going up. And sales will not go up until the CEO and other top managers make the mental shift from company-centered to customer-centric. 

Traditional methods of customer research do not flip that switch. I know, because I’ve seen them all fail: focus groups, online surveys, email surveys, and so on. 

New revenue growth videos

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As part of our preparation for lauching Roadmap to Revenue, we just created three new videos. I wanted to share them with you.

Now that I am comfortable talking to a camera lens, I am eager to do more. All sorts of topics keep popping into my head. Let me know if you would like me to address anything specific. I hope you find them helpful.

The Truth About Your Brand

The Great Marketing and Selling Crisis of 2010 - and how to escape it

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We are smack dab in the middle of a terrible dilemma. The entire marketing and selling world is "betwixt and between." Traditional marketing and selling methods are not working the way they used to, and social media is not the end-all answer, either. In spite of the hype level and some people who are actually making it work, it's just a hint at the answer. But it isn't THE answer.

There is an answer, fortunately, but first let's look at the crisis itself.

This is a serious crisis because it's a perfect storm; five forces coming together at once, each powerful on its own.

Indicators you can trust

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It's a moonlit night in the Atlantic, as we come to the final leg of our 8000-mile sail home from South Africa. As I look up at the top of the mast, I see a wind indicator there, an illuminated arrow that shows where the "apparent" wind is coming from ("apparent" wind is the wind created by a combination of the actual wind blowing over the water, and the boat's speed through the water). As I do, my brain naturally shifts to business indicators - and how easily we are misled when we pay attention to the wrong ones.

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