Customer Loyalty

Comfort is your real product; your character is where it comes from

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The entertainment industry tends to portray people in business as greedy, selfish jerks. I spent a number of years in that industry, and I can understand why they think that way. Most of the people in power in that particular industry really are greedy and selfish.

How Customers Want to Be Treated: Debunking Common Marketing Myths - Part 4 of 4

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CEOs and entrepreneurs tend to pay very little attention to the customer’s experience, as I mentioned in a recent article about Steve Jobs. They focus on product development, managing the people, business relationships, regulations, financials, and marketing. And yet, it is the customer’s experience that causes customers to recommend a company or warn others to stay away. It is the biggest sales driver or sales deterrent associated with the company.

New revenue growth videos

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As part of our preparation for lauching Roadmap to Revenue, we just created three new videos. I wanted to share them with you.

Now that I am comfortable talking to a camera lens, I am eager to do more. All sorts of topics keep popping into my head. Let me know if you would like me to address anything specific. I hope you find them helpful.

The Truth About Your Brand

The Art of Liftoff

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There's a point in a successful business where you shift into liftoff mode. Looking back, you can tell where it started, but it's tough to identify when you're in the middle of it.

If you're just starting out, or if you know you haven't lifted off yet, take heart. No matter how hard you're struggling now, you can get to the liftoff stage, and continue to climb.

To stay within our flight analogy, the first thing you have to figure out is where your customers want to go. You already have some idea of where you think they want to go, and you already may be trying to take them there.

Social media: Marketing gets its party crashed - and what marketers can do about it

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If the business world were a neighborhood, marketers would be the ones with the nice house and a manicured garden. They would be social, but in a well-dressed, somewhat formal kind of way. Marketers are, on the whole, somewhat reserved. Their job is to show the good sides of a company, and control the "messaging" associated with the company. The public face.

It was pretty easy to control that message back in the stone age of traditional one-way marketing, before the web. It was even pretty easy to control that message after the web and email marketing settled in. If marketing was a party, the party was still dignified and respectable.


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