Two Secrets to writing copy for today's customers

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Marketing copy really is dead. There, I've said it.

That stiff, professional, say-nothing copy used to be all customers had to choose from when they were trying to get answers about a product they were thinking of buying. Now, they can zip past all that marketing fluff and go right to the reviews, or they can post a question in one of their discussion groups and get first-hand, unbiased information from people who have already had experience with the product. They don't need that marketing copy anymore.

Marketers still need to write copy for customers, though, so what's the answer?

Think you are "selling eggs"? Think again.

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You will only make a sale if you answer your customer's real questions. 

If you know what is important to your customers, you know the questions they ask as they buy. You will make those answers easy to find, as the customer is making her buying decision.

Is marketing copy becoming irrelevant?

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Now that consumer-generated product information - mostly in the form of reviews - is overwhelming the web and dominating the customer's buying process, I have to ask the question: is marketing copy becoming obsolete? Does the very fact that a marketer wrote some copy make that copy  less-believable, less-trustworthy, and therefore - dare I say - irrelevant?

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Serious business versus the "BS Quotient"

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My husband was watching an "instructional" video, online, showing a sales guy for a marine rope company. The sales guy was supposedly showing how to make a particular splice in one of the ropes that his company sells.

A splice, for those not familiar, is the joining of two pieces of rope by interweaving the strands from one rope with the strands of another, so the two ropes are joined. For example, you can create a loop at the end of a rope by splicing the end of the rope back into itself. Splices are important. If they fail, you can lose your boat. The splice has to be right. No BS allowed.

The Retro Encabulator teaches us all a lesson

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Here's a video that demonstrates the perfectly orchestrated sales pitch, shot and delivered professionally. Take a look:


Several things come to mind, watching this carefully constructed spoof:



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