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What To Do When Your Content Is Ripped Off

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The other day I stumbled across a link to an article entitled, “10 Questions You Should Ask Your Customers to Understand Them Better.” Of course, you know I had to click on that article, which appeared on Andrew Hunt’s Inbound Sales and Marketing blog. 

The minute I began reading I knew I was reading words that I had written. I quickly scrolled down to the “10 questions” – and there they were, the very same questions that I developed conducting thousands of customer interviews. 

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Mastering curation: Sam Decker, King of Curation, lays it out

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Sam Decker is a brilliant marketer who is now the CEO of a company called Mass Relevance. The company is less than a year old, but was recently the curation engine behind the Presidential Twitter town hall and tweets on NBC's The Voice.

Before founding Mass Relevance, Sam was the founding CMO for Bazaarvoice, the leading social commerce & reviews platform company which recently filed for an IPO.

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What's your most important sales tool when selling something complex?

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I do a lot of work for B2B companies that sell really complex stuff. I interview their customers constantly.

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Your Website and Your Revenue: If They Don't Buy Your Content, They Won't Buy Your Product

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Before someone will buy your product, they have to "buy" your content. Your content is actually your first product, and should be viewed that way. If they don't like your free content, they won't pay for your product.

10 Tips On How To Use Social Media to Increase Revenue

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Just because you can - doesn't mean you should.

Keep this advice in mind as you consider using social media to grow your revenue. There is a lot of hype in this space now, and it will continue for a while. You will lose revenue, not gain it, if you focus too much of your time and resources on vehicles and methods that won't move the revenue needle in the right direction.

If you want to make sure your efforts DO move the revenue needle, here are some guidelines: 


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