Why customer conversations and bloggers are trumping marketing copy and journalism

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The classic PR model assumed that there were well-read and well-respected journalists with a loyal audience. When traditional PR was at its peak, journalists were one of the main links to potential customers. Now potential customers can talk directly to each other. And that has changed the game forever.

Social Media gurus reveal secrets

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I spent two days last week at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston, put on by Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust.

There were some great speakers, and a number of vendors specializing in the Social Media/Web2.0/Marketing2.0/Video Marketing/InboundMarketing space. I thought it might be helpful to list these resources, in case it helps you with your own current revenue-growth efforts. I'll start with a couple of "big picture" takeaways: 

Blogging: The bottom line

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New marketing vehicles rise up, get overused, and fall out of favor faster than ever. Email has been through all those phases. Pay-per-click is currently in the falling-out-of-favor phase. Blogging is still on the rise.

Blogging is being touted as a way to avoid the problems with email (it's being filtered like crazy, there's too much of it, and it's been corrupted by spam) and the problems with pay-per-click (click fraud, rising prices, and low conversion). Blogging gives you a way to communicate directly with your customers, get their feedback, improve your search engine rankings, establish yourself as a thought leader, and increase your popularity with the media. In short, blogging is cool.


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